About us

That is me 😛

Have you ever had a passion so strong and fun you just wanted to share it with the world? Well, I have. That’s why I’ve decided to start this blog in the first place to share my passion with the rest of you who love darts as much as I do; but also to attract some new darts lovers, and help them discover and accept the beauty of the game. As you’ll have the chance to see, this blog is written in a guide kind of way; in order to help all of you with more or less darts experience choose the best darts games and equipment according to your needs and taste. As I already mentioned, my passion for darts is quite big, but you could have already guessed that from my middle name (Darty) which I got as a certain reminder of my passion. I find darts fun and relaxing, so much in fact that I’m a proud champion of the local amateur darts league. As you can see I’m a bit competitive as well, but it is all for the fun and the pleasure of the game alone.

Not to be too one-sided when it comes to hobbies, aside from my passion for darts, I truly enjoy fishing, video games and drones. The variety of my hobbies and passions makes me who I am; that’s why I enjoy them so much. However, if I had to pick my one true love, I wouldn’t doubt a second; It’s darts.

I hope this blog will help you discover all you need and want to know about the incredible game of darts, and that you’ll share your passion with others, just like I did, and invite them to visit this blog.

Writing a blog is a neverending story, there’s so much more to come, so enjoy the ride!