Tiki Toss Hook Game Review – Perfect Backyard Game

What is Tiki Toss Hook and Ring Game?

Tiki Toss is called a new age dart game. The game is simple to play, and anyone can play it. It is highly prevalent among young adults and students who want to have some extra fun on parties. Students love to play it on parties in a bit modified version. If you miss the hook, you need to drink. This game is how today students get drunk. But the game is not made for students only. Ring a bull is a game that was played in English pubs centuries ago. Tiki Toss Hook Game evolved from that game. The game rules are same, and only the ring and hook are different between these two types of games.

Tiki Toss Review

Tiki Toss is a game of skills which means that with practice you will get better. You can swing that ring and become the champion of hooking. With a decent skill you can always hook the ring, and because of that, the game is very popular because when two players that are good at the game go against each other, they can play for hours and not miss the hook.

Tiki Toss Setup

Tiki Toss setup is very simple, all you will need is few tools and a little space.

First, you should place the hook in the hole of the board. Then you need to mount that board on a wall. You can use tape or screws to attach the board to the wall. Eye hook needs to be placed on a ceiling at a distance of 3 to 6 feet from a board. If you place it further, the game will be more challenging. The next thing you should do is place the ring on the hook and pull the end of the cord trough eye hook. Pull it until the ring is in line with a cord. Tie cord and cut. That is all you should do to set up this game.

Tiki Toss Hook Game

Tiki Toss Rule

You can play Tiki Toss by several rules. Whatever rules you choose to follow will depend on the people who play the game. Advanced players should play by advanced rules while simple basic rules should be given to beginners.


Tiki Toss Hook and Ring Game Basic Rules

Basic rules are simple; you have ten throws per round and each time you hook the ring you get 1 point. First, one that gets to 10 is the winner.

Weekend Rules

Weekend Rules are more fun because not only hooking the ring gives points but also touching the hook. If you hit the hook one time, then you get one point if you touch the hook two times on one swing then you get two points. For Bimini, hooking the ring you get 3 points. The winner is the player who first gets to 100 points. Every player has 10 throws per round.


Tiki Toss is an exciting game that is in some situation a better entertainment than darts. Because of that many people call this game a new dart game. Holding some official competitions on Tiki Toss is exciting, but the game is mostly played by friends in the backyard while burning stakes. People mostly play this game on parties and the whole game is not taken seriously, but it is serious enough to be popular among the students and young adults while being on the party. The primary goal of this game is excitement and fun for all players and audience that is watching the game.

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