Here we will try to give you answers for almost every question about dart boards. We make some research and we find the most frequent questions about darting, and the answers are below.

Questions about dart boards

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How to set up a dart board?

This is one of the most frequent questions, the answer is pretty simple. If you want to play for pleasure, just hang the dartboard where do you want. Don’t think too much about dart measurements. But if you want to play like pro player than you must follow professional measurements.

Official height is 5 feet and 8 inches. Of course, we think about the distance between the center (bull’s-eye) and the flour. When we talk about the distance between the dartboard and the throwing line, the official distance for steel tip dart game is 7 feet 9 1/4  inches and for the soft tip is 8 feet.

All this are just official measurements, I suggest you check our article about dart board measurements and you can find see all measurements.

What to put behind a dart board to protect the wall?

Basically, here is 2 solution. The 1st one is to make your own wall protector for dart board and the second one is to buy some wall protector. We wrote one good article about dartboard wall protectors so I think the best way is to read that article. There you can see DIY solutions and the buying solutions.

How big is a dart board?

You can find on the market a lot of sizes of the dartboards, but official size is 17 34 inches in diameter. That is about 45.1 cm. As I have said, many manufacturers make dartboards with different sizes. The most common the range is between 13.5 inches and 18 inches.

What is the best dart board

This is a hard question. Let me explain why. You can find a thousand the dartboards on the market now. It is so hard to select and review them all and say “this one is the best dartboard”.

We can select them in some category and then we can say “this 5 are the best electronic dartboards” or “this 5 are the best bristle dartboards”. I suggest you check our articles about the best dartboards and you can find the best models sorted by category.

Here is some category of the dartboards, and I hope you will find some answers.

Best electronic dart boardsBest dart boards with cabinets, best magnetic dart boards, best kids dart boards, best soft tip dart boards.

How much does a dart board cost?

As I have said above, there is a lot of models, so and the price varies. You can find some simple models for only 10$, but also you can find some fancy electronic dart boards for 300$+. Price depends on what do you want and what you expect of the dart board. So my answer is, dart board coast between 10$ and 300$+ 🙂

What is a dart board made of?

Here we can make 2 categories, electronic dart board (for soft tips darts) and classic dart board (for steel tip darts).

Soft tip dart boards are made with 3 different materials. Plastic, rubber or in some cases bristle.

When we talk about steel tip dart boards, there are a few different materials. The best two are sisal fiber and bristle, and they are an expensive option. There are also some inexpensive options like cork, coiled paper or wood.

What is the best electronic dart board?

This answer will be personal and only my opinion. If I must choose an electronic dart board, that will be for sure Arachnid or Viper manufacturers. They made some great models. You can check our articles about best off by Arachnid dart boards or Viper dart boards. I don’t wanna say other electronic dart boards are not good, but for me, that two manufacturers made the best electronic dart boards.

What is the best kids dart boards?

As I have said in the article about kid-friendly dart boards, when you are picking dart board for your kids, you must take care of safety. If I looking for dart boards for kids between 3 and 6 years, I will pick some velcro dart boards, or maybe some magnetic dart boards. Also for older kids, you can choose some soft tip dart boards.
You can check our article about best kids dart boards maybe you can find some model you would like.

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