Best Dartboard Stands You Can Buy Right Now [ Autumn 2018]

Are you a fan of darts? If you are reading this article, the answer is probably yes. If so, have you ever wondered how to make your darts game even more pleasant? How to place a board without necessarily fixing it on your wall? Well, here is your answer-dartboard stands.  A free standing dartboard is a thing you need.   Having a good standing dartboard has many advantages, but for a standing dartboard you need a proper darts stand. Let’s say you like playing darts in different locations, you don’t like being limited to your game room or living room. A portable dartboard stand is a great solution for you, even better, an outdoor dartboard stand. In that way, you’ll be able to enjoy darts anywhere. Even if you are keen to play darts in your game room, a stand-up dartboard is a key. Why? Well, having a stand alone dartboard, protects your walls, as it doesn’t necessarily have to be pinned to your wall, and allows you to put it exactly where you want it to be. In that way, you’ll be able to enjoy your game to the fullest. What you need to pay attention to, however, is the fact to choose both good dart board and stand as well.

Dartboard stands

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Materials used for dart stands

When it comes to darts stand, there are different kinds and are therefore made of different materials. The most used materials for the making of dartboard stands are wood, steel, and aluminum.  Let’s see some of the key features regarding these materials.

 Wooden Dart Board Stand

As wood is used mostly for dartboard cabinets, it gives your game room a more sophisticated look, but it isn’t as portable as let’s say aluminum. That’s why we tend to associate free standing datrboard cabinets, with a free standing electronic dart board. A standing electronic dartboard, is a great choice, as it has many features, for a complete darts experience, and if you put it in a wooden cabinet, the experience gets even better. However, keep in mind, if you decide to opt for wooden cabinets, you’ll probably have to play in just one place as these cabinets are rather heavy.

Aluminum  Dart Board Stand

When it comes to aluminum, some would say this is the best material for a dartboard stand. Why? Well, the answer seems obvious. As itis quite light,  a free standing dartboard, placed on an aluminum stand, can be taken to many different places, which makes aluminum stands a perfect material for portable dartboard stands. Moreover, thanks to its lightness, aluminum darts stand is usually quite easy to assembly. However, the lightness of it, has a downside as well. They tend to be not so stable, which sometimes makes it a bit difficult to play the game, especially outdoors, if there are for example unfavorable weather conditions like wind. In spite of that, aluminum seems like a great solution for a stand up dart board, you just have to see if that kind of stand alone dart board is what you need.

Steel Dart Board Stand

When we talk about steel. It is pretty much the opposite of aluminum. A free standng dartboard, put on a steel darts stand is a great choice for outdoor darts, as aluminum is heavy and thick. Therefore, it will survive different unfavorable weather conditions.  That being said, the logical conclusion is, when it comes to portable stands, steel portable dartboard stand is a great choice. Even though, keep in mind the heaviness, as it may take more than one person, to carry it, as well as put it up.  However, all things considered, steel comes up as a pretty good choice for a stand up dart board construction.

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Best dartboard stand


Shot! Portable Dartboard Stand by Darts – The Nomad Dartboard Stand


This dartboard stand is compact and portable, which allows you to take it with you everywhere you go. The Nomad darts stand can be stored, transported and used absolutely anywhere, which makes it a perfect choice. When it comes to assembly, that is quite easy as well. There’s no fixing required, and instructions are provided in full. This portable dartboard stand will be easily put up by just one person.

The Nomad has a USB rechargeable light, which makes it truly independent, as it doesn’t need power in order to function properly. Therefore, it is a perfect outdoor dartboard stand. Moreover, it has added protection. It comes with a good quality foam dartboard surround, in order to catch those badly placed darts.


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 Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit (114237588) by Winmau

Winmau Xtreme Freestanding Dartboard Unit (114237588) by Winmau

This Winmau portable dartboard stand allows you to play darts everywhere you go. As it is collapsible and height adjustable, it makes an even greater companion for a stand up dart board. It has a robust black steel stand with lockable height setting, and it is quite easy to assemble. It could easily be put up by only one person.

What needs to be stressed, is the fact that he dartboard surround is not included, what you get is this amazing dartboard stand. As it comes from Winmau; the best dartboard brand, you can be sure it will fulfill your expectations, when it comes to a portable dart stand.



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DYNASTY Dynasty dart board installation Stand DY01

DYNASTY Dynasty dart board installation Stand DY01

Anybody can enjoy playing darts from the comfort of home just by setting up a dart board on the wooden board provided on this dart stand.
A small board with the Dynasty Logo on is set at the middle of this stand. This small board allows for 6 darts to be displayed which makes the whole board stand look great as part of the house interior.
The stand also has 2 shelves at the bottom. The upper shelf is a wooden board and is great for smaller items while the lower shelf is made of wire and is perfect to hold heavier items.
This stand is available in two colors to match with your interior design better. It comes in White (DY01-WH) and in Black. A perfect choice for a stand up dartboard.


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 Hathaway Outlaw Free Standing Dartboard and Cabinet Set, Cherry Finish

Hathaway Outlaw Free Standing Dartboard and Cabinet Set, Cherry Finish

This 15.5-in. standing electronic dart board with LCD display is an absolute delight. It comes with 2 flights of soft tip darts, 3 per set, with 6 spare tips. The Hathaway free standing dartboard cabinet has 29 games with amazing 90 variations. The 3 shelf storage cabinet in the rich Cherry finish gives it a touch of glamour and makes this free standing electronic dartboard set a great choice for those dart players who like to add a touch of luxury to their game.

Moreover, it comes both with free standing leg supports or wall mount option, so it’s up to you to decide how to mount it.




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We hope this article will help you to choose the best dartboard stand, and give your game of darts an even better twist.

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